Somewhere Out There, Something Is Happening


Somewhere Out There, Something Is Happening is an ongoing series of artist books of photographs and fragmentary text that meditates on the physical places and psychological spaces of the contemporary American social landscape. Each book considers our inescapable history and whether what is past is a prologue of something happening now.




Carleton College, Gould Library Special Collections

Colorado College, Charles L. Tutt Library Special Collections

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Beneath the Dirt of Great Men


Once known as the “petroleum graveyard,” Beneath the Dirt of Great Men exposes the carbon landscape in the Permian Basin of Southeast New Mexico and West Texas. With climate change, land use, and energy policy at the forefront of our national consciousness, the photographs, sculpture works and a portfolio print book contemplate the extraction of crude oil and natural gas in the largest reserve of these natural resources in the United States.







Scripps College, Denison Library Special Collections

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Oil Pump Sculptures










Estamos Buscando A


Estamos Buscando A is a multi-faceted series that explores and contemplates the migrant experience in Mexico along the U.S. – Mexico border through various practices, including site-specific public art installation, a gallery installation as well as a migrant guide photo book, spanning a period of 15 year from 2002 – 2017.














Bajo La Luna Verde


Inspired by a dream about seeking comfort and solitude in a moment of isolation, Bajo La Luna Verde | Under The Green Moon is a backlit transparency (48 x 72 x 2 inches), revealing a self portrait while being alone during a day and night in the Sonora Desert in Mexico in an attempt to cross the U.S. – Mexico border twelve miles west of the Sasabe Port of Entry.










Tierra Brava


With the support of a Fulbright-Garcia Robles Fellowship in 1997 and drawing inspiration from the pulp comic of the same name, Tierra Brava traverses a personal psychological space within the color of a place mired in contradictions;  the U.S. – Mexico border. It is a place that is in a constant search for its own sense of identity, juggling the traditions of culture and history of the interior with the pleasures and promises of prosperity and a better life of its northern neighbor. It is not Mexico and not the United States, but rather something and somewhere in-between.






Los Libros de la Frontera / The Border Books


Tierra Brava FM-3 Visa


Bajo La Luna Verde


Estamos Buscando A Migrant Guide

Shortlisted for the 2016 Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation First PhotoBook Award

New York Times – The Best Photo Books of 2016









Gardens of Paradise


Secrets stay behind and anything goes in this desert playground of Las Vegas.  Gardens of Paradise embraces the grit of paid companionship and sexuality in the casino fountains and gardens of the Strip, an area known as Paradise.







Lure of the Open


Lure of the Open provokes past memories of the rights of passage into manhood and coming to terms with loss through the bonding experiences of fishing and hunting in Nature’s wilderness.



Stanford University, Special Collections – Gunst Collection









Print Book Maquettes


Estamos Buscando A (2002 – 2004)



 Nuevo Amanecer (1998)




 Tierra Brava Nº1 (1996 – 2010)



 Tierra Brava Nº2 (1996 – 2010)



 Tierra Brava Nº3 (1996 – 2010)



 Cancer Alley – Louisiana & New York (1993 – 1995)



 King of the Compacts (1992)



 Los Vendimiadores (1988 – 1989)



Where The Sidewalk Ends (1987 – 1989)