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Some of Brian’s thoughts that could go towards a statement


Physical, psychological, its essence speaks to what remains. Often overlooked or understated, and at times completely unrecognizable. It is the gatekeeper to the story we cannot explain. Capable of being subtle and quiet, while also possessing violent and horrific undertones. It continues to exist on its own terms with the individual, place, and experience. When everything else has changed, it serves as a reminder and marker of time. Its very existence, incapable of duplication.


It isn’t even necessarily what we remember or see, in fact the more substantial part of it exists essentially undetected. Without defined boundaries or specific sensibilities, it provides a sincerity incapable of fabrication. A truth if you will, void of any rebuttal. A story being told without diction. In this we find examples of entities and experiences that have created their own corporeity. As we engage with them, we acknowledge their physical and psychological contributions, their remains as markers of a specific moment in time.